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Kenneth Salu, MD

I graduated from OOU with a Bachelor's in Anatomy and completed my MD at Windsor University School of Medicine in St. Kitts.
In medical school, I was a volunteer tutor with the American Medical Students' Association and have been a one on one tutor as well.
I have a passion for helping others understand educational material.
I aim not just to teach the material but to aid in understanding how to approach the material, making it less confusing, frustrating, or scary.

He is internal medicine resident at HCA Hospital, Houston, Texas.

-USMLE Score 240, Step 2CK- 254

Vishwajit Hegde, MBBS

Vishwajit Hegde completed his medical education from Mysore Medical College, India. 

He has is interested in medical education and in applying evidence-backed methods to ace board exams. He enjoys teaching and mentoring students. 

He is applying for an internal medicine residency this year with a goal of eventually specializing in critical care.  He love trying new recipes and watching the NBA!

Step 1 score - 261, Step 2 score 269

Ariel Noble B.S., M.S., M.D. Candidate (MS3)

Ariel is a current third year St. George’s University School of Medicine student completing rotations in Toledo, Ohio. Prior to this, she obtained a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and a Bachelor of Science with a Minor in Chemistry at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.Her tutoring experiences include leading weekly peer review groups helping to teach basic sciences as a Department of Educational Services tutor and Anatomy Lab Demonstrator at St. George’s University, STEM Coach/Tutor for Pulaski Technical College, and as temporary Adjunct Biology Instructor for the Philander Smith College Summer START program.

She also has experience aiding in test preparation and study skills.Ariel passed the USMLE Step 1 this past July with a great score and is now dedicated to supporting other students in their goals to SMASH the boards! She has a passion for teaching with a style that emphasizes assessing every student’s personal focus areas and tailoring each lesson to master those subjects, one step at a time!

-USMLE Step 1 Score -237

Jeet Chowdri, MSIII

Jeet is a systematic coach and tutor who enjoys seeing students succeed. While preparing for USMLE Step 1, Jeet learned through the SmashUSMLE SMART MD platform. 

He enjoys teaching the same techniques and algorithmic approach to other students. Currently, Jeet is a 3rd year medical student at MUA, with intentions to specialize in Family Medicine - which he appreciates for its blend of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynecology. 

 Jeet loves to teach a step-by-step approach to test taking. Through a rigorous practice schedule and mimicking exam conditions, Jeet will make any student comfortable taking the USMLE Step 1 exam.

-USMLE Step 1 Score 225

Ankitha Choudhary, M.B.B.S

I have graduated from SVS medical college located in India. I am passionate to teach as I get an opportunity not only to explain concepts to my students but also again to myself. I have personalised USMLE tutoring experience for over 10 months now and striving to improve. Currently I am working as a research scholar in the gastroenterology department at Duke University. I will be applying for the Internal medicine residency this year.
USMLE step 1 - 230
USMLE step2 - 240

Laseena, Vaisyambath, M.B.B.S

Laseena Vaisyambath completed her Medical school from MES Medical, University of Calicut, India. She cleared her Canadian exams (MCCEE, MCCQE1) and USMLE Step 2 CK (August 2019) with great scores. She is now trying to help other students to achieve their target score by coaching/tutoring them. She always has had an interest in teaching since medical school. She believes in the importance of learning and understanding the concepts in a systematic and disciplined way rather than just memorizing. 

She is applying for Internal Medicine residency in 2020 and has a long term goal of super specializing in Rheumatology. She has a passion for community medicine and has participated in various flood relief camps in India. She volunteers with her local community groups to spread awareness about preventative steps for healthier lifestyles and is currently working as a research volunteer at St Michaels Hospital, Toronto in the Endocrinology Risk Modification Centre.

-USMLE Step 2CK Score 245

 Oluwasegun Matthew Akinti, M.D

He started his medical education at Olabisi Onabanjo university in Nigeria where he excelled and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human physiology. Subsequently he attended Windsor university where he received his MD. He has excelled in the United state medical licensing examination (USMLE). 
He is passionate about saving lives, learning and teaching in the medical field.
Hobbies include playing and watching soccer and basketball.

-USMLE Step 1-230's, USMLE Step 2CK- 250's

Hasan Ilyas, MBBS

I graduated from Ayub Medical College, Pakistan. Gave my Step 1 before my final year and step 2 CK just after my final year before starting my internship. I have applied to Internal Medicine for 2021 MATCH. I love to practice Muay Thia and travel. I am compassionate about the art of teaching and hope to teach my students how to study efficiently for their USMLE exams. Just like “no fingerprint is alike”, no student’s studying method is alike, therefore, I like to focus on how that individual can excel to the best of their abilities. I love helping others and do by volunteering as part of Disaster Response Team of American Red Cross and as a Contact Tracing Specialist with the Larkin Community Hospital. I am working as a medical assistant to a program director of NYC hospital.

-USMLE Score 235, Step 2 CK - 242 USMLE Step 3- 231

Immanuel Olarinde, MD Candidate

Immanuel Olarinde is a final year medical student at All Saints University in the Caribbean. He has extensive experience tutoring his peers. He had a unique experience during his USMLE step 1 journey and he is eager to help others SMASH the USMLE examinations in style

-USMLE Score 241, Step 2 CK - 266

Ayomide Ojo, MD Candidate

Ayomide Ojo is a 4th year international medical student. She has been tutoring medical students and peers. She has a bachelors in biochemistry and is actively interested in Internal Medicine.

-USMLE Score 229, Step 2 CK - 259

Esther Tolu Adedibu, MD Candidate

Esther Tolu Adedibu is a 4th year International medical student who’s passionate about helping others excel the NMBE and USMLE by simplifying ‘difficult’ concepts and tutoring/coaching her peers. She took the USMLE Step1 in her 3rd year and she enjoys working with people. She is interested in Internal Medicine.

Beyond the medical field, she loves reading, playing the violin and meeting people.

-USMLE Step 1 Score 228

Bolu Adeyemi, MD Student

Bolu is a third year medical student who scored in the 90th percentile on the USMLE step 1. He is passionate about helping other aspiring medics optimize their performance. Consequently, he accumulated hundreds of hours of experience in tutoring the basic sciences and USMLE step 1 prep, prior to joining SmashUSMLE. Bolu's research interests include protein misfolding and neurodegenerative diseases. His extracurricular interests include aviation, history, business, geopolitics, and emerging technologies. He also likes to cook, sing, and write poetry. 

I enjoy teaching and I am passionate about saving lives.
USMLE Step1- 254

Rukayat Otulana, MD

 I graduated from OOU with a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry and obtained my medical degree from Windsor University School of Medicine. I am licensed to practice in Nigeria and I practiced for 3 years as a general medical doctor.
 I have been tutoring for five years and its truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. With the success in my USMLE exams, I have found it easier to help students achieve their academic goals. In my years of tutoring experience, I have recognized that each student is unique and I apply different techniques to suit the need of the student.

I enjoy teaching and I am passionate about saving lives.
USMLE Step1- 252, Step 2 score - 264 USMLE Step 3- 251

Anand Maligreddy, MD

I am currently working as a research fellow at Mayo Clinic. I have been helping my fellow applicants for the past year and would like to reach out to as many students as possible. Teach them tricks, tips, and mistakes that I made during
my preparation for USMLE exams. I managed to simplify many high-yield complicated topics so that you guys can retain them longer. I tell myself every day that “if someone can do it, you can do it with little persistence and hard work.” I hope that you will have an unforgettable tutoring experience with me, looking forward to meeting you. You got this!

USMLE Step 1- 254 Step 2CK- 249 Step 3-231