To Learn To Become A Better DOCTOR

To Learn To Become A Better DOCTOR



Get Ready to Crush Your USMLE and Get Results 
with the Best Course You will ever attend!

***Do NOT click the back button to avoid double charges!!!
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Get Ready to Crush Your USMLE and Get Results 
with the Best Course You will ever attend!

***Do NOT click the back button to avoid double charges!!!
Need help? Need Help? Email Now | (212) 465-3339
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$597 (2 PAYMENTS)
$597 (2 PAYMENTS)
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$199 / Month (Auto-renews every 30 days)
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$297 (3 PAYMENTS)
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  • 1000 USMLE Step 1 or Step 2 CK flashcards ($157 Value)
  • FREE ebook- Insider secrets to scoring 260 on the USMLE ebook ($147 Value)
  • FREE ebook- USMLE Exam Day Rituals (What you must do on the day of the exam) ($97 Value)
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This is MY CORE BUNDLE PACKAGE that all my students talk about. After you finish your 6-12 week crash course and before you sit for your test, there are still some important things you must know before taking the USMLE.

Last week, I did this webinar on "How to Save time on the USMLE Exam Day" with over 357 students who took the USMLE.

This webinar is tailored towards to guide you before the day of of your USMLE exam. It will give you a systematic approach of how to know when you are ready to take the USMLE . 

YOU GET MY WHOLE biostatistic formula hack ($19.99 Value) ... Exam Day ritual Book ($29.99 Value), Student advice Session ($99.99 Value) = That's a real world value of $149.99 USD! CLAIM IT TODAY FOR ONLY $47!
Real People. Real Results

Don't take our word for it, here are our students results 

Damien, MSIV

" I failed Step 1 and Passed on my next attempt with Smashusmle reviews. The best part is coaching you get from Dr. Adesina, he mentors you till you succeed.

USMLE step 1 Score 209. "

Dr. Gonzalez, MD

" This program (including an excellent coach) gave me tools (a 45-year-old IMG) to almost double my score in 4 months and pass USMLE1.

USMLE Step 1- 220 "

Monica, MD

" I am so glad I subscribed to this program! I found your program you a youtube ad, attended all your masterclass and passed on my first attempt. if you are on still contemplating, join the program. its the best program out there for IMGs.
USMLE Score 225 "


" SMASHUSMLE is the best mentorship & coaching service on the market. It is not just a product. Dr. Adesina is an expert in medical education and he delivers that expertise to you through a complete solution. This is a true one stop shop. Compiles first aid, all high yield information into understanding concepts. No shortcuts, but all the right frameworks and mindset that help not only crushing USMLE exams, but also learning to think like a physician!! Highly recommend giving this product a whole hearted try.  "

Taylar MSIV

" I would highly recommend the Smashusmle tutors! I met with my tutor once a week and he completely customized a study program for my needs. He gave me so many tips and tricks that I can carry on to my Step 2 & Step 3 studying.I got so much bang for my buck and truly enjoyed the process of working with my awesome tutor and studying for Step 1. I passed!!! USMLE Score 225, Step 2CK- 229 "

Dr. Wayne Broth, MD

" It was a privilege to get to learn from Dr. Adesina today. I have been watching his Youtube videos since year one of med school. As I begin to prepare for board studying I decided to give his Masterclass Series lecture a try. It was beyond my expectations. His breadth of knowledge is deep and his love of medicine is palpable. The drive he has to make us better students and better doctors is readily seen. I thoroughly enjoyed the clinical pearls he throws in his lectures to give us a better understanding of the material at hand. A five hour lecture felt like one hour; I had a blast! "

Alexandra Flores, MBBS

" I am so glad I suscribed to this program! I highly recommend the lifetime package! Easy access, great material and motivation all the way! 

Excellent since day one!!!!
Make your journey worth and allow yourself to achieve your goals using this course as the right tool!  "

Hina, MD

"It’s way better than any other course. Like it teaches you what’s absolutely necessary for the boards and they are so patient too with the doubts and clearing the concepts ! You should go for it, especially if you’re an IMG!

USMLE Score 231"

Federicka, MBBS

"Amazing program. It has been very helpful in providing the structure that I need, while allowing for flexibility and self-pacing. I love having access to the video-library and other resources provided both via the Self-paced Lifetime membership and the Masterclasses. Having a personal USMLE coach that can guide and tutor me via Skype sessions is also extremely helpful, and i'm grateful for the support. "

Francisco, MSIII

"Money well spent!!!! Dr goes out of his way to make sure u understand the concept! Highly recommend "

Adekola, MBBS

"I was in doubt at first then I listen to a short clip on biostatistics. All my doubts disappear and I knew I have found the best resources to navigate my usmle journey. Thank you Dr adeleke for the cardiology lecture. Your approach is a bomb! "

Maria Angelica, MD

"Excellent tutor and great experience to learn and apply knowledge. "

Dmitry, MD, PhD

"Great course for step 2CK, amazing videos, clear and useful explanations. It helped me a lot with boosting my scores - from 198 to 228. But I couldn't overcome that bar even following all the instructions, intensive study schedule, full dedication and repeating the full course. So, I had to find the another course due to a desire of higher scores.

USMLE Step 2CK- 234 "

Sharde, MBBS

"I used SMASH USMLE to prep for Step 1 and it was a big help. I’m an IMG so I started Using the Qbank during my last term and it made STEP 1 study more manageable. I highly Recommend using this Qbank in addition to UWORLD to give yourself more practice ! "

Carolina, MD, MPH

"Smash usmle videos are very informative and easy to understand and It explains everything in First Aid making it easy to understand. "

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